The Amazing Artificial Sphincter Muscle

Before I tell you about my artificial sphincter muscle, I wanted to tell you a story about me before I got it inmplanted.

I was around 18 or 19 years old. We were living in a trailer waiting for our house to be built. I was working at the local pizza place making the dough for the pizzas. I had many friends there and we always had fun at work. A couple of us would even hang out after work. At this time in life I still wet myself from time to time and it was getting annoying and old. I actually made a habit of feeling the back of my pants to see if they were wet since I had no other way of telling. I also made a point of checking my diaper to see if it was wet. Everything about spina bifida was getting old for me at that time.

One day at work we were goofing off and pretty hyper and we started chasing each other around wetting the ends of towels and popping each other seeing who could leave the biggest mark on sombodys arm. It dawned on me that if I get to running and playing like that then I have a high chance of wetting myself. I reached around to feel and I was soaking wet. I am pretty sure nobody noticed because I am sure they would have joked to me about it. I told them my mom called and I had to go home and I left. I was mad! I drove fast all the way home. I got home and took off my clothes to survey the damage and my diaper was wet as can be and my pants were soaked! I lost it at that point. I have never lost it like I did that day. I took my diaper off and threw it against the wall and picked it up and threw it some more. I began crying and screaming things like "Im grown up God, I cant even have fun without pissing on myself"! "This isnt fair God" It was the first time that I had ever gotten mad at God himself. I screamed and cryed and cursed and spit and the next thing I remember is laying on the bathroom floor in my own tears and snot running down my nose and into my mouth. I didnt care at that point. I was crying. I did not have a diaper on, the diaper I had thrown at the wall was laying in the bathtub. I began to pray. The hardest most serious prayer I had ever prayed. I prayed that I didnt have to go through life wetting myself. I was ok with everything else at that time. I just didnt want to pee on myself anymore. I was tired of putting up with it. It was more than I could take.

The next memory I have in my life was sitting at Urology Centers of Alabama. The Doctor was Dr.Cecil Morgan. He said he could fix it and that is when I first learned about the artificial sphincter muscle. I tried other options first such as cologen injections around the sphincter but the artificial sphincter was what fixed me.

God said if you seek him with all your heart he will answer you. That is what happened to me that one day. I seeked with all my heart and I found. The way I pray was changed forever from that day on.






About The Sphincter

Have you ever pinched a water hose or garden hose to make the water stop pouring out? That is basically what the artificial sphincter muscle does. The cuff closes disallowing urine to pass through until you open the cuff with the pump. Notice where the pump is located. That takes about 10 weeks to get used to. Since there are two other things located in that same area well...Three is a crowd. The first 4 weeks are the worst but eventually all three start to make room for one another. The artificial sphincter is supposed to be good for around ten years before it needs replacing. I am on my second one. The benefits far outweight the 10 weeks of pain. It does leak sometimes if I lift heavy weight or if I sneeze or cough. Other than that, I give the artificial sphincter muscle four stars.

Dr.Morgan has long since retired and I see Dr.Massie along with the surgical tech Ms.Spivey. I wonder if they realize how important they are to people they help. There website is HERE


I got the picture from the following website.

Urinary Incontinence for Men